Egyptian Lobby ~ Entry into Symphony Hall




When you step off the elevator you go back in time to 1924
The added gold on the elevator doors and ceiling enhance the original
Masonic Hall decor ~ painted figures on the light fixtures, lotus blossoms,
masonic columns and original red and green checkerboard tile
~ recalling also the popular Egyptian craze sweeping the country after
the discovery of King Tut's Tomb in 1921

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Original Egyptian decor

The picture to the left shows the Sun-Disc from the original Masonic decor. The scene is of a man on a camel in the desert, with two pyramids in the background.

To the right is a slideshow of pictures found in a box when cleaning out the old Dougherty Press Building. They were taken on a tour by Jim Tresnor through the old Temple rooms in about 1986
(to visit Picasa photo album page, click twice on slideshow)

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